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Graphic Design —

Coolo provides a new way to help you easily make product pictures with cost-effective design services.

Our in-house designers coordinate with you and suppliers to maintain efficiency. Products don’t need to be shipped out of China to save your cost.
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Product Description Image

Add more product attributes on the white background images, making customers fully understands your product. Our designer will add the product characters from the manufacturer to the image, making the image more detailed . Price starts from $20, quoted by inquiry.
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3D Design

3D model help you better understand and see your products. It also makes adjustment easier and cheaper. Viewers can examine every little detail of the model in high-quality resolution. 3D modeling design services  often add lighting, texturing, and shadowing to enhance the realism of their digital renderings. Everything from a light bouncing off a shiny surface to the soft texture of a chair is drawn precisely to enhance an image's realism.Price Starts from $50, quoted by inquiry.
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