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For supporting different people’s needs in China importing business, we offered 2 plans to meet all your needs.

Free Services: For Starters
Pro Services: Best Choice
Sourcing From China Now
(For Starters)
Free Services
I Need This Plan
(Best Choice)
Pro Service
I Need This Plan
Product Sourcing, get quotes from suppliers
Consult on project cost, manufacturing solutions
Arrange product sample, customize samples
Consult on import&export, certifications, etc
Production Follow Up
Customize Products and Packaging
Free photography for E-commerce
Free Ware house Storage (2 Months)
Free quality inspection
Arrange shipment to door via courier, Air/Sea freight
See all Features
See all Features

Free Services (For Starters)

Want to import from China but don’t know how to start? Want to get a competitive price but don’t now which factory is reliable? Don’t worry, our Free Services will help you out.

Firstly you need to submit the inquiry, tell us what products you want or how c an we help you. Then we will assign an agent to provide you the following services for free.

Product sourcing, cost evaluation:
Your agent will help you search as many suppliers and get you the most competitive price according to your product requirements. He can also help you evaluate the total cost for mass production, shipping and customs duty to your country.

Product Sample, Customization: 
Your agent helps you collect product samples from different suppliers (could be your suppliers), check the quality, and ship them to you in one box; thus, you can save a lot of shipping fees. He can also help you customize samples with your logos, requirements, making them look the same as your bulk order.

Consulting on Import, Export, Compliance:
 We offer free consulting for any pieces of knowledge related to import, export, complaisance, certifications, etc.
I Need This Plan

Pro Service (Best Choice)

After the Free Plan, you probably get competitive product prices from our suppliers. Then you can enjoy our Pro Plan that your agent will handle all things from manufacturing to delivery. You can choose either purchasing from our suppliers or yours.

You can enjoy all the following services by paying a 5-10% service fee based on the product value of each order. (Pro Plan service rate is attached in the following)

Production Follow-up:
Sourcing suppliers for a product takes a few hours, but following up production will usually last 20-60 days. Our agent helps you coordinate with factories all the time to ensure products are made according to your requirements. This is the best value of the Pro Plan because we help you save huge time.

Customize packaging, private label solutions: 
For people who want to make own-brand products, your agent will assist you in making all kinds of packaging, even purchasing quantity is small. You will always get competitive packaging prices, as we have many packaging suppliers cooperated for a long time.

Free Photography: 
We can offer 5 white background photos of each product for free, thus you can upload to Amazon or other E-commerce platforms directly.We help you save $100 by doing this when compared with asking a Fiverr freelancer to do it.

General Quality Inspection:  
This inspection service is free for people who use our Pro or Basic Plan. We open 30% numbers of cartons and randomly inspect numbers in each carton. If there are defective products found, your agent will help negotiate with suppliers to fix the problem on your behalf. Or we can also hire workers to repair defects in our warehouse before shipping out of China.

  By charging a 5% service fee, we can do unlimited inspection times until the defect issue is solved. Comparably, if you hire 3rd party inspection companies by yourself, they usually charge $200-$300/person/day, and they can only report problems without helping you fix them. They t ypically inspect minimal numbers of products of each batch unless you hire more inspectors.

Free Warehouse: 
Our warehouse in China can be 2 months free of use. You can take time to send more products to us, and we help you collect all products, consolidate them into one shipment for your cost. We will charge a $10/CBM/month warehousing fee from the 3rd month.

Arrange shipment: 
We help you ship products from China to your address in any countries, or Amazon warehouses and handle all import & export processes. You always get a competitive shipping quote from us, no matter its courier service, sea freight, or air freight.

Pro Service Rate
Product Value Service Fee
Less than $1,000 $100
$1,000-$2,000 9%
$2,000-$3,000 8%
$3,000-$5,000 7.5%
$5,000-$7,000 7%
$7,000-$10,000 6.5%
$10,000-$15,000 6%
$15,000-$20,000 5.5%
$20,000-$25,000 5%
$25,000-$30,000 4.5%
$30,000- 4%
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Tips: As our warehouse in China is 2 months for free, you can take time to consolidate more products into on shipment to get a lower service rate and low shipping cost as well.
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