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Top 10 China Sourcing Agents and Companies List 2024

Jan 06.2024

Best China Sourcing Agency Company

If you are looking for a reliable supplier for your project, or looking for a purchasing agency company in China, you have come to the right place.

There are many advantages to choosing a purchasing agent in China, they can save you hassle, reduce your costs, and be able to guarantee the quality of your products.

In this article, we have selected 10 of the best sourcing agencies in China. This is an exclusive list backed by research into market demand, annual revenue, customer satisfaction and reputation through 2023.

So please help yourself choose any of these purchasing companies based on your budget, location, or preference.

  1. Importance of China as a Sourcing Destination

  2. The Role of Sourcing Agents in China

  3. Top 10 Chinese Sourcing Agency Companies

  4. Selecting the Right Sourcing Agent

  5. Services Provided by China Sourcing Agents

  6. Navigating the Sourcing Process with China Sourcing Agents

  7. Best Practices for Effective Collaboration with Sourcing Agents

  8. China Sourcing Agent Fees – How Much Does It Cost?

  9. The Benefits of Choosing China Sourcing Agency Services

  10. Things to Consider when Choosing a China Sourcing Agent

  11. Frequently Asked Questions about Chinese Sourcing Companies

china sourcing agent

Importance of China as a Sourcing Destination

When it comes to global sourcing, China holds a prestigious and unassailable position. As the world's largest manufacturing economy and exporter of goods, China has transformed itself into a primary sourcing destination for businesses across the globe. But why has China become such a pivotal player in the global supply chain? What makes it the ideal destination for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient sourcing solution?

The answer lies in a combination of factors that create a unique value proposition for businesses. Firstly, China's massive manufacturing capacity allows for the production of a vast range of products, from electronics to textiles and everything in between. This broad capability ensures that regardless of what your business needs, chances are you can source it from China.

Secondly, China's cost-effectiveness is another significant advantage. Due to the scale of operations, efficient manufacturing practices, and a competitive labor market, China offers attractive pricing that few other countries can match. This pricing advantage translates directly into increased profitability for businesses that source from China.

Finally, the speed and efficiency of China's logistics network are unparalleled. With an extensive infrastructure network and expedient customs procedures, China can get your sourced products to you faster and more reliably than almost any other country.


The Role of Sourcing Agents in China

Defining the Role and Responsibilities of Sourcing Agents

A China sourcing agent, at its core, is a bridge between businesses and Chinese suppliers. They are your eyes and ears on the ground, overseeing everything from identifying suitable suppliers, negotiating prices, overseeing production, quality inspection, to shipping logistics. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that your sourcing process runs smoothly and efficiently, adhering to your standards and specifications.

Benefits of Partnering with Sourcing Agents in China

The benefits of partnering with a China sourcing agent are manifold. First and foremost, they provide invaluable local knowledge and expertise, including a deep understanding of the Chinese market, language, and business culture. This can help you avoid common pitfalls and navigate the complexities of international trade.

Secondly, a sourcing agent can save you valuable time and resources by handling the legwork of the sourcing process, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. They can also leverage their local network to secure competitive pricing, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

Finally, sourcing agents can provide quality control services, inspecting products to ensure they meet your standards before shipping. This can significantly reduce the risk of receiving faulty or substandard goods.

Challenges and Risks Associated with Sourcing Agents

While there are many benefits to using a sourcing agent, there are also potential challenges and risks. For instance, not all sourcing agents are created equal, and the quality of services can vary widely. It's crucial to conduct thorough due diligence when selecting a China sourcing agent to ensure they are reliable and trustworthy.

In addition, communication and transparency can sometimes be issues. Ensuring that your sourcing agent understands your specific needs and expectations, and that they provide regular updates on the sourcing process, is vital.

Lastly, while sourcing agents can help mitigate risks, they cannot eliminate them entirely. Factors such as changes in exchange rates, shipping delays, and changes in regulations can still impact the sourcing process.

Despite these challenges, the benefits of partnering with a reliable China sourcing agent often outweigh the potential risks, particularly for businesses that lack the resources or expertise to manage the sourcing process independently. In the next chapters, we'll delve deeper into how to choose the right China sourcing agent for your business and how to maximize the benefits```html of this partnership.

Top 10 Chinese Sourcing Agency Companies

The following are the key players of China Sourcing Agency:

Logo Company Name Serve

Yiwu, China


Yiwu, China

Commodity sourcing agent

Yiwu, China


Yiwu, China

Commodity sourcing agent



Hong Kong, China

Commodity sourcing agent

Foshan Sourcing

Foshan Sourcing

Foshan, China

Commodity sourcing agent

Supplyia Sourcing

Supplyia Sourcing

Yiwu, China

Commodity sourcing agent



Shenzhen, China

Commodity sourcing agent

Meeno Group

Meeno Group

Yiwu, China

Commodity sourcing agent

Easy Imex

Easy Imex

Shanghai, China

Commodity sourcing agent



Foshan, China

Commodity sourcing agent

Tanndy Ltd

Tanndy Ltd

Guangzhou, China

Commodity sourcing agent


1. Jingsourcing 

Company Profile

Jingsourcing was founded buying in Yiwu in 2015. It’s near the Yiwu International Trade City, the world’s largest small commodities wholesale market.

As the leading sourcing agent in China, Jingsourcing has successfully helped thousands of sellers worldwide import from China, thanks to their outstanding services and 100+ dedicated staff.

Year Founded: 2015

Location: Yiwu, China

Company Type: China Sourcing Agency Company

Website: https://jingsourcing.com/


2. Coolosourcing


Company Profile

Coolosourcing is a Chinese sourcing service provider,delivering significant and sustainable value to organizations in the procurement of their goods and services from emerging and developed markets.

Whether the objective is to procure competitively from emerging markets for export, to procure for local operations, or to gain global procurement intelligence to make better decisions, Dragon Sourcing is your partner of choice.

Year Founded: 2019

Location: Yiwu, China

Company Type: China Sourcing Agency Company

Website: https://www.coolosourcing.com/


3. LeelineSourcing

Company Profile

Leelinesourcing was registered in Hong Kong in 2009 and started a sourcing business for small and medium-sized sellers. In 2015, they established their current company in mainland China, specializing in product sourcing. They provide professional procurement services to SMEs.

Their service is very comprehensive and covers everything you need to source from China. With our team of experienced professionals, they can find the perfect item you may be looking for in seconds.

Year Founded: 2015

Location: Hong Kong, China,

Company Type: China Sourcing Agency Company

Website: https://leelinesourcing.com/


4. Foshan Sourcing

Foshan Sourcing

Company Profile

As a purchasing agent in China, Foshan Cigna Sourcing Company has had a good reputation in this field for more than 12 years, especially for purchasing furniture, kitchen cabinets, floor tiles, bathroom accessories, windows, doors, lights, and other building materials. 

No matter the size of the order, you don't need to worry about payment, negotiation, quality inspection, LCL, shipping, etc. They are dedicated to providing you with the best case and satisfactory service.

Year Founded: 2010

Location: Foshan, China

Company Type: China Sourcing Agency Company

Website: https://www.foshansourcing.com/


5. Supplyia Sourcing

Company Profile

Supplyia is a “Transparent” China Sourcing Company. They are mainly responsible for developing new product specifications, factory sourcing, quoting, prototyping, negotiating and monitoring production.

Over the past few years, they have sourced thousands of products that have been sold in over 60 countries and they continue to provide the same level of service today.

Year Founded: -

Location: Yiwu, China

Company Type: China Sourcing Agency Company

Website: https://www.supplyia.com/


6. BizShenzhen

Company Profile

Proudly positioned as the Most Transparent Sourcing Agent in China, BizShenzhen is a Total Sourcing Solutions Company based in Shenzhen, China that covers Sourcing, Electronics Manufacturing, Packaging, and Consulting.

Year Founded: 2016

Location: Shenzhen, China

Company Type: China Sourcing Agency Company

Website: https://www.bizshenzhen.com/


7. Meeno Group

Meeno Group

Company Profile

Meeno Group is a sourcing company from Yiwu, China, they are committed to providing their members with the best sourcing services in China. Their corporate values are "always, always, always from the customer's point of view". This is their main focus.

With customer-friendly policies and regional advantages, they can source products at ex-works prices. As a Meeno customer, you will receive efficient procurement services and low shipping costs.

Year Founded: -

Location: Yiwu, China

Company Type: China Sourcing Agency Company

Website: https://www.meenogroup.com/


8. Easy Imex

Company Profile

Founded in 2004, Easy Imex has a team of 20 full-time sourcing managers and logistics coordinators in our Shanghai office, along with 30 quality control inspectors located throughout China.

As a purchasing agency, their mission is to spare no effort to find the best suppliers for their clients' business needs. Their growth as an organization is built on being an integral part of their customers' supply chains in China.

Year Founded: 2004

Location: Shanghai, China

Company Type: China Sourcing Agency Company

Website: https://easyimex.com/


9. Riwick


Company Profile

Riwick is a well-known home procurement service company in China. Since 2016, they have been providing home procurement furniture services, focusing on one-stop furniture procurement solutions for residential, commercial and commercial products such as furniture, doors and windows, building materials, bathrooms, tiles, lighting and more.

Since 2020, they not only provide purchasing services, but also become furniture material & furniture accessories & furniture hardware & furniture accessories supplier.

Year Founded: 2015

Location: Foshan, China

Company Type: China Sourcing Agency Company

Website: https://www.riwick.com/


10. Tanndy Ltd

Tanndy Ltd

Company Profile

Tanndy Ltd was established in 2006 in Guangzhou, China. They provide sourcing and buying services. Their main business is buying building materials and furniture from China. They also do other things like machinery, prefab houses and election t-shirts.

Their services cover product sourcing, market guidance, order tracking, inspection, consolidation, warehousing and shipping, and more. Their philosophy is to help you buy from the manufacturer to reduce costs while protecting your interests.

Year Founded: 2006

Location: Guangzhou, China

Company Type: China Sourcing Agency Company

Website: https://www.tanndy.com/

china sourcing agent

Selecting the Right Sourcing Agent

Researching and Shortlisting Potential Sourcing Agents

The first step in selecting the right China sourcing agent is conducting thorough research and creating a shortlist of potential candidates. This involves online research, industry recommendations, and leveraging networks to identify reputable sourcing agencies. Pay close attention to the range of services they offer, the industries they specialize in, and their location in China.

Evaluating Sourcing Agent Credentials and Expertise

Once you have a shortlist, the next step is to evaluate the credentials and expertise of each sourcing agent. Consider their experience, qualifications, and understanding of the Chinese market. How well do they understand your industry and your specific sourcing needs? Do they have strong relationships with reliable manufacturers in your niche? These factors can significantly influence the success of your sourcing efforts.

Assessing Past Performance and Client Testimonials

Past performance can be a reliable indicator of a sourcing agent's capabilities. Look for client testimonials and case studies that demonstrate their expertise and success in sourcing. Also, consider reaching out to past clients directly for feedback if possible. This can provide valuable insights into the sourcing agent's reliability, responsiveness, and overall service quality.

Negotiating Terms and Pricing

Once you've identified a suitable sourcing agent, the final step is to negotiate terms and pricing. Ensure the agent's fees are transparent and understand what services are included. Don't shy away from negotiating to secure the best deal. However, remember that the cheapest option isn't always the best. It's crucial to balance cost with the quality of services provided.

In conclusion, selecting the right China sourcing agent requires careful research, thorough evaluation, and savvy negotiation. With the right partner, you can navigate the complexities of the Chinese market, secure high-quality products at competitive prices, and significantly enhance your business operations.

china sourcing agent

Services Provided by China Sourcing Agents

Product Sourcing and Supplier Identification

One of the primary services provided by China sourcing agents is product sourcing and supplier identification. They utilize their extensive network and industry knowledge to identify reliable suppliers that match your specific product requirements. Their expertise in the local market allows them to find suppliers who can deliver high-quality products at competitive prices.

Supplier Verification and Qualification

To ensure the credibility and reliability of suppliers, China sourcing agents perform supplier verification and qualification. They conduct thorough assessments, examining factors such as supplier capabilities, manufacturing facilities, certifications, and compliance with quality standards. This process helps mitigate risks and ensures that you partner with trustworthy suppliers.

Price Negotiation and Contract Management

China sourcing agents excel in price negotiation and contract management. Drawing on their experience and market knowledge, they negotiate favorable terms and pricing with suppliers on your behalf. They also assist in drafting and managing contracts, ensuring that all parties involved are aligned and protected.

Quality Control and Inspection Services

Maintaining product quality is crucial when sourcing from China. Sourcing agents offer quality control and inspection services to verify that products meet your specifications and standards. They conduct thorough inspections at different stages of production, from pre-production to final product inspection, ensuring that only quality goods are shipped.

Logistics and Shipping Assistance

Navigating the complexities of logistics and shipping in China can be challenging. Sourcing agents provide valuable assistance by coordinating and managing the logistics process. They arrange shipping, handle documentation, and ensure timely and efficient delivery of your goods to their destination, taking the hassle out of international shipping.

Intellectual Property Protection

Protecting intellectual property is a significant concern when sourcing from China. Sourcing agents assist in safeguarding your intellectual property rights by implementing measures such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), intellectual property registration, and working with trusted manufacturers who respect and uphold intellectual property rights.

china sourcing agent

Navigating the Sourcing Process with China Sourcing Agents

Product Requirement Analysis and Specifications

The sourcing process starts with a comprehensive analysis of your product requirements. China sourcing agents work closely with you to understand your needs, including product specifications, quality standards, packaging requirements, and target pricing. This step ensures that sourcing agents can effectively communicate your requirements to potential suppliers.

Requesting Quotations and Samples

After defining the product requirements, sourcing agents reach out to suitable suppliers to request quotations and samples. They manage the entire quotation process, analyzing and comparing quotes from multiple suppliers to ensure competitive pricing. Sourcing agents also arrange for the delivery of samples for your evaluation and approval before proceeding further.

Supplier Communication and Collaboration

Throughout the sourcing process, sourcing agents act as a bridge between you and the suppliers. They facilitate effective communication, ensuring that your requirements are accurately conveyed and any queries or concerns from either party are addressed promptly. Sourcing agents collaborate closely with suppliers to negotiate terms, finalize specifications, and resolve any issues that may arise.

Pre-production and Production Monitoring

During the pre-production phase, sourcing agents closely monitor the progress to ensure that all preparations are in order. They verify that suppliers have obtained necessary certifications and have the required raw materials. Once production begins, sourcing agents conduct regular monitoring to ensure adherence to quality standards, timelines, and other agreed-upon requirements.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Quality assurance is a critical aspect of the sourcing process. Sourcing agents implement comprehensive quality control measures, including product inspections, testing, and audits. They ensure that products meet the specified quality standards and comply with relevant regulations and certifications. Any deviations or concerns are addressed promptly to maintain the highest quality standards.

Order Consolidation and Shipping Arrangements

Once the production is complete and quality checks have been performed, sourcing agents assist with order consolidation. They consolidate products from multiple suppliers, manage packaging requirements, and arrange for efficient shipping and logistics. Sourcing agents coordinate with shipping providers to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery, handling documentation and customs procedures along the way.

china sourcing agent

Best Practices for Effective Collaboration with Sourcing Agents

Establishing Clear Communication Channels

Clear and efficient communication is the foundation of successful collaboration with sourcing agents. Establishing dedicated communication channels, such as email, phone calls, and project management tools, ensures that information flows smoothly between you and the sourcing agent. Regularly communicate your requirements, updates, and any changes to maintain alignment throughout the sourcing process.

Defining Expectations and Deliverables

Clearly define your expectations and deliverables with your sourcing agent from the outset. Provide detailed information about product specifications, quality standards, timelines, and any other relevant requirements. This clarity helps the sourcing agent understand your needs and ensures that the sourcing process progresses smoothly, meeting your expectations at every stage.

Building Strong Relationships with Suppliers

Collaborating effectively with sourcing agents involves fostering strong relationships with suppliers. Encourage open communication, transparency, and mutual respect in your interactions. Regularly engage with suppliers to understand their capabilities, address any concerns, and provide feedback. Building trust and rapport with suppliers can lead to long-term partnerships and better outcomes in your sourcing endeavors.

Ensuring Timely Payments and Financial Transparency

Timely payments and financial transparency are crucial for maintaining smooth collaboration with sourcing agents and suppliers. Honor payment terms and ensure that financial transactions are conducted promptly and accurately. Clear financial communication, including budgeting, cost breakdowns, and payment schedules, promotes transparency and trust. This practice reinforces a positive working relationship and encourages suppliers to prioritize your orders and deliver the best service possible.

By implementing these best practices, you can establish effective collaboration with your sourcing agent, strengthen relationships with suppliers, and create a solid foundation for successful sourcing outcomes.


China Sourcing Agent Fees – How Much Does It Cost?

When you choose to work with a Chinese sourcing agent, usually most sourcing agents will charge you according to one of the following three pricing policies.

Fixed costs:

It is one of the most commonly used pricing methods in China. Most agents or agencies will charge you a fixed monthly or weekly fee for a specific product or project. In this type of arrangement, the agent will connect you with a supplier and you can directly build the business relationship.

Service fee or commission:

Many agencies also charge buyers as a percentage service fee or commission on the total order cost. As there is no standard, you may have to pay anywhere between 5%-10% of the order cost as sourcing fees.

Get the profit from the difference:

This is a little tricky pricing method. In China, many sourcing companies use this pricing model that involves providing you with suppliers offering the most competitive rates. They usually charge the fees based on the price difference due to the highly competitive rates of the supplier they have found.

(Thinking about pricing? Learn more about China Sourcing Agency Fees


The Benefits of Choosing China Sourcing Agency Services

The benefits of choosing a Chinese sourcing company

Save costs

China Purchasing Company is a specialized material purchasing enterprise. It has a specialized purchasing and material distribution team, which can effectively reduce purchasing cost.

For customers, the products they need can be purchased with higher efficiency and lower prices. The entire procurement process of the enterprise tends to be simplified and streamlined, and the procurement cost is greatly reduced.

Guarantee the quality of goods

China's purchasing company can survive and develop because it is subject to an invisible constraint, that is, its responsibility to customers. Customers trust it and are willing to entrust their material procurement business to it, so that it can survive and grow. Therefore, it must stand in the customer's position, think what the customer thinks, and worry about the customer's urgency.

In addition, Chinese procurement agency companies specialize in the procurement of certain or several types of materials, have more professional procurement personnel, more accurately grasp the market conditions, and have a better ability to identify the quality of related materials.

Provide fast service

Chinese procurement agency companies have specialized material distribution teams, which have the ability to accurately deliver the materials required by customers to the locations designated by customers in a relatively short period of time.

Moreover, if you have been engaged in the distribution of a certain type of materials or several types of materials for a long time, you will have a better understanding of the performance and transportation requirements of the distributed materials, thereby reducing the loss of materials in the process of loading, unloading and transportation, and saving costs.



Things to Consider when Choosing a China Sourcing Agent

Consider matters

1. Purchasing Agent Location:

When you choose a purchasing agent, you must check their location.

2. Business license:

You must check the purchasing agency's trade and export licenses.

3. Operating procedures for purchasing agents:

Make sure you understand the purchasing strategy and operating procedures of the purchasing agent's China base.

4. Quality Control:

This is the biggest question you must address before hiring any sourcing agent in China.

5. Communication skills:

When you are dealing with institutions or individuals abroad, clear communication is very important and there are no language barriers.

6. Professional:

This is probably the most important feature you should look for in a sourcing agent China base.

7. Supplier selection:

It's always better to deal with a sourcing agent who offers you a choice of manufacturers.

8. Negotiation:

The purchasing agent you choose for your business should be ready to negotiate with suppliers and offer you the best price.

9. Get the required documents

Your purchasing agent should be able to provide you with relevant documentation for the purchasing and shipping process

For details, please click on this article (TIPS on Choosing the Right Source Agent in China)


Frequently Asked Questions about Chinese Sourcing Companies

Is Using a China Sourcing Agent Worth It?

Whether you are a novice or consistent in ecommerce, a China sourcing agent is worth it. They help you source good quality goods at lower prices. You will save your time and focus on other business operations.

The process of getting one can be daunting. Follow all procedures to the latter. Ask for all certifications, reviews and recommendations. If an agent denies you such crucial information, keep searching.

Should I Hire a Sourcing Agent to Source Items from China?

Yes, you should get a sourcing agent. Sourcing agents relieve you of so much that you can’t do. Of course, you can do these tasks. But such tasks can be costly, hectic, and time-consuming.

These agents are line a link between you and the manufacturer. They handle everything from production to shipment. Also, they help with disputes.

Your level in business doesn’t matter. Get the best sourcing agents if you want to thrive in international trade. They have professional knowledge and experience in importing and exporting.

What is the Cost of Hiring Chinese Agents and Companies?

There are no exact prices; however, you can inquire about sourcing agents and company rates. It will be between 5% and 10% of the order costs most of the time.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Sample from China?

The prices of shipping samples depend on many factors like the type of product, added details, and which factory it will come from.



When choosing a Chinese procurement agency or company, you must choose a reliable and professional company. We hope this article can help you choose the right Chinese procurement agency company to provide you with reliable products.

If you want an experienced procurement agent, don't hesitate.

We can help you here. So far, COOLOSORCING is famous for its reliable service and excellent results.

Contact us to help the successful business business.

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