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Best 50 China Sourcing Agents: Ultimate Guide in 2024

Jan 05.2024
Are you a start-up looking to import only small quantities at first?
Are you trying to find the best sourcing agent in China on Google?

Do you really know Chinese sourcing agent?

Then you've come to the right place!

This article will tell you what a Sourcing Agent is, when you need a Sourcing Agent, and the problems you will encounter when looking for a Sourcing Agent.


Table of Contents



1. What is China Sourcing Agent?

A China sourcing agent is a company’s full-time specialist or freelancer who helps foreign people in business import goods from China. Modern China sourcing agent/company is not just about helping you find cheap products, but also helping you ensure the legality and stability of your supply chain.

Here’s what, the best sourcing agent in China can do for your business:

  • Find new products and suppliers
  • Audit existing suppliers
  • Negotiate and draft contracts
  • Guide you the market trends and designs
  • Visit enterprises and conduct quality control
  • Reduce the risk of importing goods from China
  • Manage shipments and logistics process
  • Extra customization services

What require from sourcing agent in China?

A good China sourcing agent may need you to provide a product specification sheet, which is a detailed, concise document that clearly describes all your product specifications.

Basic include: 

  • Product name
  • MOQ
  • target price
  • description
  • reference pictures
  • link

Product range of china sourcing agent

By the way, a China sourcing agent can only help source common products. If you need to import industry products, most China sourcing agents cannot provide help. You have to find suppliers by yourself or travel to China to visit desirable suppliers.

Some companies claim to help you find any product, how is this possible? Each company buys a different product line, so don’t limit yourself to working with just one company.

Engage in deeper conversations with company leaders, and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of each company’s philosophy. Some companies focus on cheap goods, while others focus on services. It’s really hard to strike a balance between the two.


2. When Do You Need a Sourcing Agent?

So when do you need a purchasing agent? Let's analyze from 5 points.

1. Your company needs to purchase a large number of products or services, but does not have the time, manpower and resources to complete the purchase.
2. You need to find new suppliers, but lack enough market research and procurement experience, you need a professional procurement agent to help you find the best quality and most suitable suppliers.
3. You need to negotiate but lack sufficient negotiating skills and experience and need a sourcing agent to negotiate on your behalf to get the best deal terms.
4. You need to deal with complex legal and compliance issues in the procurement process, and you need a procurement agent to provide legal and compliance advice.
5. You need sourcing agents to handle some tedious tasks like collecting quotes, evaluating suppliers, processing orders, etc. to lighten your workload.

In conclusion, when you need to purchase a large number of products or services, a sourcing agent can be a good choice if you lack purchasing experience, resources and time, or if you need professional purchasing skills to handle the complicated purchasing process.

If you only have a few products, you can buy directly from the factory, no need to hire a China sourcing agent to increase your cost.


3. Why Find a China Sourcing Agent?

We are sure that you have encountered some of the common hurdles that international ecommerce businesses generally face when they try to source directly from China.

So we won’t go beating around the bush. Here’s the difference that you will experience when you work with a reputed sourcing agent from China.

1. A partner on ground

A lot of ecommerce brands, particularly small businesses and startups, rely on the internet to source Chinese suppliers. As we all know, the Chinese marketplace is enormous and there are as many bad apples as there are good ones. As a business who is in all probability working with limited resources, a bad apple is the last thing you want to start off with.

On the other end of the spectrum are large brands with massive volumes, who can do with better product quality, faster production turnaround times, quicker responses from sellers, timely updates, better shipping prices and more.

The Best China Sourcing agent becomes your partner on the ground. Think of them like the important link in the chain that works on your behalf and safeguards your interests. A lot of websites call a sourcing agent, the ‘middleman’. We disagree. It’s a partner for your business.

2. An efficient business

Why would you want to waste time and resources browsing through thousands of suppliers and yet, shopping pig in a poke? A sourcing agent can do the job for you at a very nominal cost.

Most sourcing agents have an extensive network of suppliers that they work with. This allows them to find better quality products in a jiffy. 

3. Seamless Communication

Communication in China is more than translating their language. There are business etiquettes. Negotiation models that are more likely to work. An agent brings this skillset to the table. They become your representative, but are well versed in the local language and culture. That’s a great advantage.

4. A Layer of Security

China is one of the safest places to do business in. Else it wouldn’t have become the shopping ground for the world. But, there are a few unscrupulous players in the industry who may try to fob you off in more ways than one.

There can be a stark discrepancy in the quality of the sample you receive and your final product. Some of it can even be invisible to the naked eye (inferior quality materials). Some suppliers can take an order and then delay it citing numerous reasons. You cannot afford this during your peak business season.

A sourcing agent will visit the factory, perform pre-sales, mid-production and post-production audits to ensure that everything is in order. It’s an added layer of security that every business must consider adding.

5. A Single Point of Contact

Rather than dealing with a supplier, a separate logistics provider, a separate warehouse management firm, and the customs, you have a single point of contact who will be happy to assist you with all your concerns and anxieties.

All that you will be doing is focusing on your own business marketing and sales. The agent will do the rest.


4. How to Find a Sourcing Agent in China?

However,  one must understand that the “best sourcing agent in China” is a very vague name for the profession, and almost anyone can “proclaim” himself the best sourcing agent in China.

So, when choosing this specialist, you need to make informed decisions. Otherwise, you may lose much more than the amount of his commission. Here 7 steps to find sourcing agent in China. You can use this points to identify a suitable and reliable best sourcing agent in China:

1. Collect Potential China Sourcing Agents List
2. Know Professional Product Knowledge and Market Trends
3. Have Good Communication Ability
4. Have a Transparent and Legal Process
5. Have Professional Import & Export Knowledge and Experience
6. Have a Legally Registered Company
7. Do Supply Chain Management without Any Kickbacks

Next, we will introduce you 50 Best China Sourcing Agents


5. 50 Best Chinese Sourcing Agents List

Company Name Services Location
Coolosourcing Inspection, guidance, warehousing, delivery arrangement Yiwu, China
LeelineSourcing China sourcing agent company Wuhan, China
Supplyia A transparent China sourcing agent/product sourcing agent Yiwu, China & New York
Ruizhi Sourcing China sourcing agent factory audit/product engineering Shenzhen China/ho chin minh Vietnam
Sourcing Nova China sourcing agent Shenzhen
Tonysourcing wholesale toys China Yiwu, China
Skylark China sourcing agent Yiwu, China
skab-beratung Germany sourcing agent Shenzhen, China
Nichedropshipping Drop shipping sourcing agent Hangzhou, China
China Purchasing Agent Purchasing agent in China Shenzhen, China
Huntersourcing Buying Agent Service Jiaxing, China
Jing Sourcing  Commodity sourcing agent Yiwu, China
Sourcing Bro China Sourcing Agent Service Guangzhou Shenzhen, China
B2c Sourcing B2C China sourcing agent Ningbo, China
Iris International China sourcing agent and supply Hong Kong, China
Foshan Sourcing China sourcing agent help import Foshan Foshan, China
Dragon Sourcing Global sourcing company Worldwide Offices
Imex Sourcing Services Sourcing for the digital age Guangzhou &HongKong China
Ejet China export agent Guangzhou & Hangzhou, China
Qaizen Group Asia sourcing firm Shanghai, China
Golden shiny Yiwu sourcing agent Yiwu, China
Source in China China Product sourcing agent Dongguan, China
Arcadia Sourcing China manufacturing companies Hong Kong, China
Global Trade Specialists Helping buy direct from China Colorado, Vienna, Austria, China
Giolong International China sourcing-factory audits Montreal, Canada & Shanghai
China Performance Group Sourcing management company New Jersey & Beijing, China
JS Sourcing Towards safer sourcing in China Shanghai, China
FBA China Sourcing Amazon product sourcing agent Hongkong China & Europe
DTL Sourcing A leading sourcing company Hongkong, China
Maple Sourcing Product sourcing quality inspection
MatchSourcing Made fast, simple and safe Fuzhou, China
China 2 West Manufacturing in China China & US, UK
Nicobar Group Supply chain support Shanghai, China
Fami Sourcing China sourcing company for start-up Guangzhou, China
BizShenzhen Transparent China sourcing company Shenzhen, China
Pinnacle Sourcing Global sourcing company India & Shanghai, China
Meeno Group China product buying agent in Yiwu Yiwu, China
Asiaction China manufacturing agent Hongkong and Guangzhou
Baysource Global Accelerate your product launch US & Shanghai, China
Linc Sourcing China sourcing agent Europe & China
Easy Imex Chinese import agent UK & China
ImportDojo Hongkong China sourcing agent Hongkong, China
Riwick Furniture China sourcing agent Foshan, Guangdong, China
Dong Sourcing Your sincere agent in China Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
ANCO China Global sourcing solutions for you US & China
Casino Global Sourcing Sourcing Services Hongkong, China
Tanndy Sourcing Agent Guangzhou china Guangzhou, China
Chick Sourcing Trusted sourcing agent Shenzhen, China
Made In China Sourcing China sourcing company China, Australia, UK
China Division Worldwide order fulfilment Shenzhen, China


6. How to Avoid China Sourcing Agent Scams?

1. Research and choose a reputable agency

You can search for agents on Google, Alibaba, etc., and check their customer feedback and ratings. Choose an agency with a good reputation and experience.

2. Identify specific purchasing needs

Before choosing an agent, you need to clarify your purchasing needs, including product specifications, quantity and quality requirements, etc. This will help you communicate and negotiate with the agent.

3. Establish contracts and payment methods

Before entering into a purchasing transaction with an agent, be sure to establish a contract and determine the payment method. Make sure that the contract contains all product specifications, quantity, price, delivery date, payment method, etc. details and is signed by both parties.

4. Check samples and review documents

Before making a large purchase, you can ask the agent for samples, and have them tested and reviewed. The agent's business license, tax registration certificate, import and export license and other documents should also be checked to ensure its legality and qualifications.

5. Oversee production and delivery

Before the agent starts production, you should discuss the production plan with the agent and arrange supervision. Make sure that the agent completes the production and delivery within the agreed time, and communicate and coordinate with the agent on a regular basis.

7. China Sourcing Agent FAQ

Q1What is the purpose of sourcing agents in China?

A1: A sourcing agent in China is a person or company who will control and take care of China’s whole sourcing process for you as a company. From searching for the product at the right suppliers until the contractual part in China.

Q2: What does a sourcing agent do?

A2: A China sourcing agent helps the company source products and supplies at low prices to save money on production. China sourcing agents may represent a single employer or could run a business that serves several companies. In a word, a China sourcing agent helps you build your own supply chain

Q3How much do sourcing agents make?

A3: The most common forms of compensation a China sourcing agent will receive are the Flat rate commission: This rate is usually advertised and ranges between 5% – 10% of the factory price. They charge this fee when paying the supplier and add it to their clients’ invoices. You can negotiate with the agent for the commission if you have a big order

Q4What are sourcing companies?

A4: A China sourcing agent or a sourcing agent helps a company find products and supplies at a low cost or a certain quality or attribute. Some may represent a few select factories or serve multiple companies. The most important thing a sourcing agent can help you with is making your supply chain stable.

Q5What is the sourcing process?

A5: The China sourcing process includes every activity identifying and assessing potential suppliers and selecting and engaging with an appropriate supplier who offers the best value. 

Q6: How much does it cost to ship samples from China using a sourcing agent?

A6: The actual shipping fee may be calculated based on the weight and volume of your goods, and it is also related to the transportation method you choose. The sooner you want to receive it, you can choose FedEx, DHL… China sourcing agents usually add a little fee to it, after all, they also spend time and manpower to help you deal with matters.  You can consult for specific prices.

Q7How to Get the Best Sourcing Agent in China?

A7: It is easy to search for a China sourcing agent on google, but getting a reliable sourcing agent is hard.First, you need to search on google and collect several agents, send inquiries to them, and put a small order to test all service quality.Second, you have 2 to 3 sourcing agents in hand, leave your two middle orders to each of them, and then compare again.It is not about if the team of the agent. It is more about how your China sourcing agent cares about you and your business.

Q8What does a sourcing agent in China do?

A8: A sourcing agent in China will cooperate with your company to search, identity, negotiate and handle suppliers in China. They can also support market research, quality control, pre-shipment assessment, custom clearance, and business growth.

Q9What does a sourcing agent Guangdong China?

A9: In Guangdong, a China Sourcing agent helps you import from China and provides these services: Products assembling in Guangzhou, Warehouse/factory storage in Guangdong, sourcing in Guangdong and Guangdong local supply-chain services, and translation services.

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