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Considering Foshan Furniture Sourcing Agent? Beginner's Guide

Jun 29.2023

Foshan Furniture Purchasing Agent Guide

Are you a start-up business just looking to import a small number of furniture products? To help you run your business better, let’s take a look at what you need to consider before sourcing furniture, as well as some recommended furniture-sourcing agency companies.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of sourcing furniture in 2023? Before getting started, be sure to read our how-to guide.


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5 Advantages About Foshan Furniture Buying Agent

Professional experience: Foshan furniture purchasing agents have extensive understanding of the local furniture market, which can help you provide guidance more effectively for your further understanding.

Quality Assurance: Foshan Furniture Buying Agents can help you ensure that the furniture you purchase meets your quality standards and specifications.

Shipping Arrangements: Foshan Furniture Buying Agents can help you arrange the shipping and logistics of your furniture, which can be complex and time-consuming.

Professional negotiators: Foshan furniture purchasing agents are skilled negotiators who can help you negotiate better prices and terms with your suppliers.

Personality and Customization: Foshan furniture sourcing agents can help you customize furniture to meet your specific needs and preferences.


The 5 Most Successful Foshan Furniture Purchasing Agency Companies in China

I have sorted out some legitimate Foshan furniture purchasing agents, and the size of their company salesmen ranges from a few to hundreds. It may take you a little time and effort to pick the right one for you.

Company Services Location
Coolosourcing Co., Ltd Product Sourcing Agent, Inspection, Guidance, Warehousing, Shipping Arrangement, After-sales Services Yiwu, China
Foshan Sourcing Company Furniture Purchase, Inspection, Guidance, Warehousing, Shipping Arrangement, After-sales Services Foshan, China
MoreFar International Trading Limited Product Sourcing Agent,Purchasing guidance,Quality inspection service,Warehouse Logistics Foshan, China
Foshan Future Imp & Exp Co., Ltd Product Sourcing Agent,Purchasing guidance,Quality inspection service,Warehouse Logistics Foshan, China
JustChinait Co., Ltd Purchasing Service, Warehousing Services, Freight Service Foshan, China


1. Coolosourcing Co., Ltd

CooloSourcing Company

Company Profile

Coolosourcing's team of experienced sourcing professionals is dedicated to understanding each client's specific needs and requirements, and they work closely with a network of trusted suppliers to ensure clients receive the best possible product and price.

Coolosourcing also provides inspection and quality control services to ensure products meet required specifications and standards.

With extensive knowledge of the local market and extensive sourcing capabilities, Coolosourcing is an ideal partner for businesses looking to source quality products from China.

Location: Yiwu, China

Services They Provide

  • Product Sourcing Agent
  • Inspection
  • Guidance
  • Warehousing
  • Shipping Arrangement
  • After-sales Services


2. Foshan Sourcing Company

Foshan Sourcing Company

Foshan Sourcing is a furniture sourcing company located in Foshan, China, providing professional sourcing and procurement services to global enterprises. They specialize in connecting customers with reliable and high-quality manufacturers, suppliers, and products across various industries, including furniture, building materials, and more.

The company has a solid reputation for providing efficient and effective sourcing furniture solutions and they pride themselves on their commitment to transparency, integrity and customer satisfaction.

Location: Foshan, China

Services They Provide

  • Furniture Purchase
  • Inspection
  • Guidance
  • Warehousing
  • Shipping Arrangement
  • After-sales Services


3. MoreFar International Trading Limited

MoreFar International Trading Limited

Company Profile

MoreFar Trading Ltd is located in Guangzhou. They operate professional one-stop trade service solutions, including: high-quality translation, procurement consulting, quality control, warehousing, and shipping services in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and surrounding cities.

They have more than 10 years of experience in China furniture, construction and building materials industry, and a wide range of products from Guangdong China Wholesale Market, Morefar Global is a leading China sourcing agent known for its unique sourcing of best price suppliers.

Location: Foshan, China

Services They Provide

  • Purchasing Furniture from Foshan
  • Quality Inspection Service/QC Report
  • Purchase Guide and Consultant
  • Provide Warehousing
  • Provide Transportation Solutions
  • After Sales Service and Support


4. Foshan Future Imp & Exp Co., Ltd

Forwarder Future Export Limited

Company Profile

Foshan Future Imp & Exp co., Ltd is a leading sourcing company headquartered in Foshan, China. The company specializes in sourcing, purchasing and supply chain management services for clients around the world.

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Foshan Future Imp & Exp co., Ltd has a reputation for providing quality services to clients in various industries such as furniture, building materials, lighting, etc.

Location: Foshan, China

Services They Provide

  • Product Sourcing Agent
  • Purchasing guidance
  • Quality inspection service
  • Warehouse Logistics


5. JustChinait Co., Ltd


Company Profile

JustChinait is one of the best Chinese purchasing agents in Foshan, they have helped thousands of buyers find better suppliers of home appliances, lamps, furniture, clothing, and ceramic products.

Since Foshan is one of the largest production bases in China, with their many years of experienced local team, they create 30-70% profit for their customers' business.

Location: Foshan, China

Services They Provide

  • Purchasing Service
  • Warehousing Services
  • Freight Service


Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Furniture from Foshan

Lack of research: One of the biggest mistakes is not doing enough research on the sourcing agent you plan to work with. Take the time to learn about their background, experience, and track record in the industry.

Overlooking communication: Communication is key when working with a sourcing agent, and if there is a language barrier or miscommunication, it can lead to costly mistakes.

Choosing solely based on price: While price is an important factor when choosing a sourcing agent, it should not be the only one. Cheaper is not always better, and sometimes a higher-priced agent may provide better value in terms of quality, service, and expertise.

Lack of transparency: A good sourcing agent should be transparent about their services, fees, and any potential conflicts of interest. Avoid working with agents who are not upfront and transparent about their practices.

Lgnoring references: Always ask for references from past clients and take the time to follow up on them. This will give you a better sense of the agent’s capabilities and reputation.


Why do you need a Foshan purchasing agent?

Let me give an example to understand the case. For example, you live in the United States. However, you need to import products from Foshan. Do you know Chinese? Not only Chinese, but also a local dialect of Foshan Chinese. Maybe not. So, what's your first step? Can I find a local agent in Foshan? That's what I want you to be sure of. Foshan purchasing agent is very important in this case.

Get products at the best prices

Who wants to buy inventory at a high price? I think no one. Because you want to set a standard value and maintain a good profit margin, you need a cost-effective product, right?

no need to worry about scams

Why let people who understand the Foshan wholesale market come, this is where the Foshan purchasing agent plays a role. An agent may help you find the right supplier with a quality product, don't worry about scams as the agent takes full responsibility.

No Time, Hire a Buying Agent

Do you not have time to deal with product suppliers? Why worry when you can have a Foshan sourcing agent? Agents can do all the work for you, making better decisions for purchasing. You just need to wait for the goods to arrive!

Let the communication barrier far away thousands of miles

An important issue is communication barriers. For example, if you want to find Foshan furniture online, it is very simple. You know why? Because it is in English.

If you are in Foshan, you may find it difficult to face local suppliers. Then, you will find a local furniture buying agent in Foshan, which will meet your needs. There will be no more communication barriers.

Effective quality control for each item

A professional Foshan sourcing agent can be very effective in quality management. For example, your Foshan furniture sourcing agent is solely responsible for finding quality suppliers. Also, the agent will look at the furniture and double check it to make sure it's the one you want.


What services does Foshan furniture purchasing agent provide?

Foshan Furniture Sourcing Agent can help you find the right furniture supplier. You just need to let him know your needs, budget and relevant details, and the purchasing agent will research the Foshan furniture market and make a well-thought-out decision.

Here is the service of Foshan Furniture Buying Agent.

Product purchase

The first task of every Foshan furniture sourcing agent is product sourcing. Whether you hire a freelance sourcing agent or a company for your products, the agent will be responsible for product sourcing.

In product sourcing services, agents look for quality product suppliers at reasonable prices.

Negotiate with suppliers

That's what I'm saying, "A buying agent is a must." Locally, you don't understand the language. Not only are the languages different, but each part of China has a different dialect. So how do you communicate when you don't speak the language? A serious question, right? The purchasing agent will negotiate with the supplier for you.

Follow up order

Just addressing price is not enough. Purchasing agents must fulfill other responsibilities. For example, follow up to apply all the rules of a quality product and make effective decisions.

Payment management

Every country has its specific currency. The US dollar does not work locally in China. Either you need to exchange it in renminbi, or make sure the company trades in U.S. dollars—nearly impossible. Then the purchasing agent will solve the currency problem for you.

Quality Control

What are your furniture requirements? It has to be of great quality, right? This is why quality management is essential. There must be a direct ratio between the price and quality of furniture. Purchasing agents manage furniture quality as expected.

Handle the shipment

The last step is to process the goods. You want your buying agent to deliver your furniture to your door - safe, right? This is what a professional Foshan furniture purchasing agent should do. The agent's responsibilities include hiring a third party to ship and securely ship the product.


FAQ about Foshan Furniture Purchasing Agents

Q1: When do I need a purchasing agent?

A: Buying agents are freelancers who save you time. When you need to import products from Foshan and know nothing about the suppliers, this is the best time to hire a sourcing agent.

Does the buying agent ship the product to your door?

A: Yes. Buying agency services include shipping products to your door. Regardless of the shipping service they choose, it is the agent's responsibility to ship the product.

Q2: How much is the service fee of Foshan furniture purchasing agent?

A: The most common form of compensation a Foshan furniture sourcing agent will receive is a flat rate commission: this rate is usually advertised and can range from 5% to 10% of the ex-works price.

Q3: What are the payment terms?

A: Is there a deposit involved and when does the furniture buying agent receive payment? Some resellers require upfront payment, while others allow you to pay when the product is ready to ship.


Ready to Start an Online Business?

Be cautious if you are new to e-commerce. I hope this guide has made your research process easy. Please keep referring to it when you need information about Foshan furniture sourcing agents.

Finally, if you are looking for a China furniture sourcing agent, simply submit the form and we will respond within 24 hours.

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