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Ultimate Guide : Top 10 Global Sofa Set Manufacturers 2024

Jan 06.2024

Ultimate Guide : Top 10 Global  Sofa Set Manufacturers 2022

Are you looking for a trustworthy sofa set manufacturer, I would like to say that you are in the right place.

sofa set refers to the cover of the sofa, which refers to the items covered on the surface of the sofa. Generally, sofa sets are divided into two types: detachable and non-detachable.

Next, I will introduce some professional sofa set manufacturers and company information, hoping to help you find a suitable manufacturer.


Sofa Set Market Analysis And Outlook (2023)

In 2022, the Seating and Sofas segment will generate USD 41.29 billion in revenue. The market is expected to grow at a rate of 4.66% per annum (CAGR 2022-2027).Comparing it globally, most of the revenue comes from the United States ($412.90 million in 2022).In terms of total population figures, per capita income in 2022 would be $123.30.

What can we infer from the above information?

  • In the next 12 years, the sofa set market will become bigger and bigger, and the demand will become bigger and bigger.

  • sofa sets will become more personalized, customized and comfortable.

  • Now, we need to choose the right supplier to seize the market.


Table of Contents

  1. How to Choose a Reliable Sofa Set Manufacturer
  2. Top 10 Leading Sofa Set Manufacturers

  3. What is a Product Sourcing Agent?

  4. Advantages of Product Sourcing Agent

  5. Summary


How to Choose a Reliable Sofa Set Manufacturer

Research and Background Checks:

Before you start choosing a manufacturer, do your research. Find potential manufacturers and learn about their history, reputation and customer feedback. Search online reviews and reviews to see what other customers have experienced.

Quality Certification:

Make sure that the selected manufacturer has the relevant quality certification. For example, ISO 9001 certification indicates that the manufacturer follows international quality management standards, while other industry-specific certifications may mean that its products meet specific quality standards.

Factory tour:

If possible, visit the manufacturer's factory in person. This will give you the opportunity to learn about their production processes, equipment and product quality control measures.

Product Samples:

Request a sample from the manufacturer and examine it carefully. Samples should demonstrate the manufacturer's workmanship and quality of materials.

Understand the supply chain:

Understand the supply chain system of the manufacturer. Find out where they source their raw materials from, and how high-quality those raw materials are. Make sure they adhere to sustainability and environmental standards.

Customer Service:

Talk to manufacturers and find out about their customer service levels. Are they responsive and happy to answer your questions?

Costs and lead times:

Price should not be the only deciding factor, but make sure you understand all costs and lead times in order to make a well-rounded decision.

Contract terms:

Make sure you have a clear contract with the manufacturer that includes things like product quality, quantity, delivery time, return policy, and payment terms.

Ask other customers:

If possible, talk to other customers who already work with the manufacturer. Learn about their experiences and opinions.

Stability and reliability:

Choose a manufacturer with certain stability and reliability in the industry, which will increase your confidence in establishing long-term cooperation with them.


Top 10 Leading Sofa Set Manufacturers

1. Ningbo Lanlinco furniture Co.,Ltd. 

Ningbo Lanlinco furniture

Company Profile:LANLINCO is a very high-end sofa set manufacturer. In October 2006, LANLINCO's first factory was established in Ningbo, China. It has been a high-end factory focusing on sofa manufacturing for 16 years. They have been cooperating and growing together with retailers and wholesalers of mid-to-high-end modern sofa brands from various countries. Their vision is to make every design possible, and high-end customization and OEM have always been their specialties. They want to be one of the super factories in the global high-end furniture supply chain, and they always put quality and customer service first. With 65,000 square feet of workshop space, 10 professional production lines, 30 skilled custom technicians, and a capacity of 3,000 pieces per month, they can meet rapid development and high-definition needs.

Location: No. 25,HengfengRoad Fenghua District, Ningbo.

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: https://www.lanlincosofa.com/

Main Products:Fabric sofa,Leather sofa,Coffee Table,Dining sets,Bed


2. American Leather 

American Leather

Company Profile:American Leather® is a very professional and large custom sofa set manufacturer, founded in 1990 by engineers on the belief that three months is too long to wait for a piece of custom furniture. Their founders decided that 12 weeks was too long to go from concept to completed order. Since then, they have set the industry standard for custom furniture.What started as a small team in a borrowed facility has grown to over 700 employees in a state-of-the-art 350,000 square foot facility in Dallas, Texas.

Location: 4501 Mountain Creek Pkwy.Dallas, TX 75236

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: https://www.americanleather.com/

Main Products:Sofas,Comfort Theatre,ComfortReclinerr,Re-InventedRecliner,All Day sleeper


3. Hickory Chair

Hickory Chair

Company Profile:Hickory Chairs enters 2020 boldly as a new slipcover manufacturer company, approximately 90 percent of its products are handmade and ordered in the USA. The interior collection includes the new Everett” by SkipRumley collection launching in 2020, the historic James River and Winterthur Park collections and collections of design partners Suzanne Kasler (RavBooth3, David Phoenix, Susan Hable and Mariette HemesGomez), Hickory chairs renowned for their customization, quality, delivery and Style leads the luxury market. Known as the 'Chairman' in the Hickorv community, this company is not afraid of change or difficult times. In fact. COVID-19 is not the first pandemic we have had to overcome. Neither the World Wars. Recession, recession, ownership change, or pandemic, the family of our chairs is here. With determination, with passion, ready to make a one-of-a-kind "Made For You" "now and a hundred years into the future.

Location: 37 9th St Pl SE,Hickory, NC 28602,(828) 324-1801

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: http://www.hickorychair.com/

Main Products:Jules Chair,Vistage Sofas & Sectionals,Jules Sofa


4. Century 


Company Profile:Century Furniture is one of the largest privately held manufacturers of high-end sofa sets in the world. Its extensive collection of wood and upholstered furniture includes bedroom, dining room and occasional collections in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles. Century is recognized in the industry as a design leader, ranked high for its expertise in finishing and the many details of fine craftsmanship. They have licensed collections from numerous high-end designers including Thomas O'Brien, Charlotte Moss, Windsor Smith, Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller, Candice Olson, Bunny Williams and Bob Timberlake.

Location: PO BOX 608,Hickory, NC 28603,800-852-5552

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: http://www.centuryfurniture.com/

Main Products:Cornerstone Sofa, Taylor Swivel Chair, Tory Swivel Chair, Great Room Raff Sofa, West Bay Dining Chair, West Bay Lounge Chair


5. Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen

Company Profile:Ethan Allen is a worldwide sofa set Manufacturer. You can experience their world-class interior design services online; just click their live chat button and get instant assistance from professional designers. Of course, they encourage you to visit your local design center where you can find more styles, customization options, and the opportunity to create 3D room plans. Their stylists also conduct in-person visits, either in person or by virtual appointment.

Whether you're at a design center or shopping online, you'll get to know Ethan Allen through the differentiators that set them apart: their vision for American style, their dedication to making approximately 75% of their products in our own North American workshop, Their innovative combination of technology and personalized service, as well as their dedication to social responsibility and sustainable development.

Location: North America

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: https://www.ethanallen.com/

Main Products:Sofas and Sectional Collections, Sofas & LOVESATES, Fabric Sofas, Real Sofas, sofa sets, Sleeper Sofas, Chairs and Loungers


6. Ashley


Company Profile:Ashley is a very well-known sofa set manufacturer. In 1970, the company was a family business with only 35 employees and a 35,000 square foot factory building, and now has more than 17,000 valuable team members across the country and worldwide Manufacturing and distribution space exceeds 30 million square feet. They have supported 3,700 suppliers and businesses, creating

34 for every manufacturing job added and continues to pump into the economies of 155 countries, furnishing more than 20,000 storefronts.

Location: U.S.

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: https://www.ashleyfurniture.com/

Main Products:Sofas, Love Seats, Divided Sofas, Sleepers Sofas, Futons, Recliner Furniture, Recliners, Chairs


7. Bassett


Company Profile:Bassett is a sofa set manufacturer dedicated to creating comfortable and durable sofa sets. Most furniture these days is designed to sell, not to last. For over 100 years, they've been perfecting the art of furniture-making with American ingenuity. Almost always, custom furniture costs too much and takes too long. They have taken all the pain away. They work hard to add to the fun.

Location: 7575 Dublin Blvd., Dublin, CA 94568


Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: https://www.bassettfurniture.com/

Main Products:Sofas,Sectionals,Chairs,Coffee Tables,End Tables + Accents,Sofa + Console Tables,Bookcases + Shelving


8. SKF Decor

Company Profile:Established in 2007 in Delhi, India, "SKF Decor" is a leading sofa set manufacturer in the market by manufacturing unparalleled collection of Royal, Luxury, Classic and Contemporary Furniture like Sofa Sets, Dining Tables, and Beds. Apart from that, they Also committed to providing world-class commercial and residential interior design services, steel structure fabrication, millwork and PU polishing services, etc. They have fully functional and spacious infrastructure units to efficiently produce our products. They have a team of rich Creativity, skilled and innovative team of artisans who ensure excellent designs for our products.

Location: F - 343, Old MB Road, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: https://www.skfdecor.com/

Main Products:Living Room Sofa Set,Modern Sofa Set,Luxury Sofa Set,Royal Sofa Set,Wooden Sofa Set,Fabric Sofa,U Shaped Sofa Set


9. Dongguan Tianhang Furniture Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Tianhang Furniture

Company Profile:Established in 2008, Dongguan Tianhang Furniture Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of sofa sets in China. Their company adheres to quality assurance, considerate service, and preferential prices.

Multi-faceted operation. Multi-view, multi-channel focus on all levels of customer service

"Leading the emergency pace of the fashion trend, their company's products have fashion-forward information, follow their hearts, reasonable prices, high quality, 100% high-quality service, until customers are satisfied, this is their company's slogan goal.

Location: 1st Floor, Building 1, No. 1, Xiaoqian Road, Dazhou Community, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: http://tianhangsofa.en.alibaba.com

Main Products:Sleeper Sofas, Sleeper Sofa Combinations, Sofa Beds & Futons, Stationary Sofas, Recliner Sofas


10. Qingdao Shengjiatong International Trade Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Shengjiatong International Trade

Company Profile:Qingdao Shengjiatong Co., Ltd. is a professional sofa set manufacturer integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service. Their company has been in furniture manufacturing services for more than 20 years. More professional production service can ensure the accuracy of delivery time and provide more competitive price for you.The company can ensure that all products adopt international advanced technology and equipment, and the raw materials of all products are ecological and environmental protection materials. Their company also has customized services. Please let them know if you have other special needs. The company has a professional design team that can meet customers' diverse product and order needs.

Location: Room 17-1-803, Dongyuan Community, No. 548, Beijing Road, Sanlihe Sub-District Office, Qingdao, Shandong, China

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: http://shengjiatong.en.alibaba.com

Main Products:shoe rack,coffee table,bed,wardrobe,Cabinet,Desk,Chair,Sofa,Bookshelf


What is a Product Sourcing Agent?

Product sourcing agents support e-commerce companies in sourcing raw materials or products ready for sale at competitive prices. They play a vital role in ensuring that a company's profit margins remain strong. A buying agent may represent an e-commerce company, or choose to work with multiple retailers on a contract basis.

While sourcing agents work with domestic clients, product sourcing agents are crucial in international supply chains. Most of the time, these professionals are locals in the country of origin. They have strong business sense, are fluent in the local language, and are familiar with biases and other factors that may affect business transactions.


Advantages of Product Sourcing Agent

There are many advantages to working with a product sourcing agent. Companies of any size can benefit from their help.

competitive price

Experienced purchasing agents with connections in nearly every industry. They can give their customers access to manufacturers and suppliers who deliver products at competitive prices and reliable speeds. Since they have good relationships with these suppliers,

efficient procurement

Contacting different suppliers for different products can be tedious and intimidating - especially if the retailer is dealing with international manufacturers. Local sourcing agents can help eCommerce stores overcome cultural and language barriers when sourcing products. They can negotiate more effectively and deliver messages without the risk of misinterpretation.

Minimize import risk

For small eCommerce businesses, dealing with international suppliers can be a considerable risk. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, mainly when they fail to oversee the production of items. Also, literally, a lot can get lost in translation. Buying agents minimize this risk as they act as liaisons between international suppliers and retailers.

A product sourcing agent can do wonders for an eCommerce store. They can simplify a company's access to international imports and minimize the risk of dealing with overseas suppliers. There is room for a purchasing agent in every business – if you find one that fits, have your company's best interests at heart.



At Coolosourcing, we believe our clients deserve the best. In addition to our proven technology-based solutions, we can also help you connect with reputable and reliable sourcing agents, we will also help you identify suppliers and ship products to your doorstep. Hope we will be your reliable partner by solving your problems and freeing up your resources.

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